Board of Directors
Keith Watkins – President
Mark Smith – Vice President
John Gaugel – Secretary
Spencer Birch
Eric Robbins
Administration Staff

David Ansolabehere, R.C.E. – General Manager
Dave Halopoff, P.E. – District Engineer
LeeAnn Giles – Controller
Celynn Lyman – Office Manager

Operations Staff
Paul Torres – Operations Manager
Charles Baldwin
Daniel Bojorquez
Mario Contreras
David Deyoe
Faustino Jimenez
Melvin Lopez
Fidel Padilla
Octavio Ramirez
Caleb Ruiz
Paul Stephens

Upcoming Events

The regular Board of Directors’ Meetings is generally held at 9:00 am every 2nd Thursday of each month. The meetings are located at the Cawelo Water District office at 17207 Industrial Farm Road, Bakersfield, CA 93308 and are open to the public.

Cawelo’s Produced Water

Cawelo Water District has been relying on produced water from oil operations for more than two decades — a reliable additional source of water that helps offset severe restrictions imposed due to the drought and environmental measures.

Kern County has a rich history in oil production, responsible for generating nearly three-quarters of California’s oil production under some of the nation’s most stringent environmental standards. Every barrel of oil produced also naturally generates approximately 15 barrels of water, called produced water.

Cawelo’s produced water is treated by oil producers, filtered and then delivered to Cawelo, where it is blended with other supplies for agricultural use. Our District has a long history of complying with the water quality standards and testing/monitoring protocols established by the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board (Regional Board).

Produced Water Resources and Information

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