Welcome to Cawelo Water District
Welcome to the Cawelo Water District!

The Cawelo Water District, located just north of Bakersfield, CA, has been serving the community for more than 50 years. The district includes 45,000 acres in Kern County and provides irrigation water to approximately 34,000 acres of orchards, vineyards, and other crops.

Cawelo is committed to providing quality irrigation water to our customers, which is why we frequently test our supplies to ensure they comply with all existing regulatory standards for irrigation water. We are continuously striving to develop innovative new projects that provide additional and reliable new water sources for the district.

We are dedicated to ensuring that irrigation water does exactly what it needs to: help our farmers grow healthy, world-class crops. Farms in Cawelo have been here for a hundred years, and we are proud of the role Cawelo Water District plays in helping ensure that agriculture will be here for another century.
17207 Industrial Farm Road - Bakersfield - CA - 93308
17207 Industrial Farm Road - Bakersfield - CA - 93308 \ Phone: 661-393-6072 \ Fax 661-393-6073